Inside Jodie Marsh’s rustic-meets-Gothic home: Glamour model and bodybuilder boasts bedroom ‘fit for a princess’, shag pile rugs and skull ornaments galore (including one she keeps EGGS in)

She’s known for her quirky tastes – from her outfits to her men (and women).

And glamour girl-turned-bodybuilder Jodie Marsh has proven that her eccentric flair translates into her choices of home d├ęcor too.

The 40-year-old ex-Celebrity Big Brother star showcases a rustic-meets-Gothic finesse when it comes to interior design.

She has decked her beamed cottage out with traditional items – and the odd ornamental skull for good measure, including one in the kitchen which she stores eggs in.

Others dotted around the property include a framed diamante skull and a skull with a motorcycle helmet on it.

Jodie’s home boasts comfort – from the shag-pile laden living room to the plushly decorated bedrooms.

In one – up in the roof – Jodie has decorated in pinks and creams, her bed piled high with comfy pillows and cushions, a lamp on each side-table.

The tall roof is majestic with its high-arching beams, and the walls are covered with cream wallpaper with a bird of paradise motif.

Jodie says herself that she likes her bedroom to ‘make me feel like a princess’.

Another boudoir is bedecked in white and blue – a leafy pattern on the walls and a bedspread to match.

At Christmastime, the glamour girl puts trees up in each bedroom, as well as the rest of the house, the first going up last year in mid-October. ceme online

Also lapping up the luxury are Jodie’s pets – namely her cats who enjoy sprawling around on the various grey and cream cushions and throws, as well as their multi-leveled feline playground.

Jodie adds to the decadence with crystal chandeliers, a miniature jukebox in the kitchen and vintage mirrors in black ornamental frames.

She enjoys foliage too – decorating the place with orchids and sprawling green plants.

Her cosy living room is made all the more private with statement white shutters and her kitchen continues the rustic theme with its low beams and wooden cabinetry.

Always the willing hostess, Jodie boasts a cute dining room, which she hosted Christmas dinner at last year, allowing her creativity out onto the place settings too.

Jodie’s bizarre flair did raise some eyebrows two weeks ago, however, when she arranged her pets’ brushed malting fur into the image of a cat.

Having endured a rough start to 2019, when she announced her split from film director Wayne Lennox, before claiming that he’d hidden one of his children from her, the star uploaded a snap to Instagram of one of her cats looking unimpressed while standing next to the bizarre creation, which came complete with four legs, ears and a large tail.

‘So much fur came out of my cats when I brushed them that I made another cat,’ the former glamour model wrote, adding laughing emojis to display her amusement.