Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too: Model hails parenthood ‘the greatest role of her life’… before locking horns with husband over moving to Ireland in the future during emotional series finale

They’ve been praised for their ‘down to earth’ personas for documenting their lives as new parents to son Theodore.

And Vogue Williams broke down in tears as she hailed motherhood ‘the greatest role of her life’ during her baby’s naming ceremony on the series finale of E4’s Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too series on Monday.

During the emotional episode, the Irish model, 33, locked horns with husband Spencer Matthews as she revealed she would like to move to Ireland in the future, and secretly signed Theodore up to schools in her home country.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have been busy juggling parenthood and filming their new reality show.

But Vogue has managed to live up to her stylish reputation throughout, opting for a stunning dress by Needle & Thread for Theodore’s baby naming ceremony.

The floor-length number is adorned with a painterly floral print, embellished with metallic dots and trimmed with ruffles. It’s b-e-a-utiful!

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The blonde beauty shared: ‘I think parenthood is both of our greatest roles in life. I’ve always wanted to be a mother, so I got overwhelmed with emotions.’

Gushing over Vogue’s role in his life, Spencer added: ‘I believe you’re the most wonderful person. Without you, we’d be screwed!’

Decorated with multi-coloured balloons, the pair ensured they’d celebrate Theodore’s life in style as they rented out a huge Victorian-style venue, where their loved ones were greeted by men dressed up as soldiers.

Elsewhere in the episode, the family-of-three visited Ireland, where Vogue revealed her desires to move to her home country in the near future.

She shared: ‘I’m considering to move back here to settle down, I think it’s a nice place for a child to grow up.

‘I want to find the house we’re going to live in for the rest of our lives, in Dublin. We’re looking for a forever home.’

To Spencer’s surprise, he asked the blonde: ‘You’re not looking to move here in the future right? I woke up this morning thinking I was just going to lunch!

Accompanied by estate agent Rory Gallagher, the pair viewed a stunning £4.5million house with wide-pan windows which look out at the stunning sea.

The former lothario was stunned by the views as he shared: ‘I didn’t realise that’s what we we’re looking for. I need the sea view. I want a house people will be jealous of!’

Taking her plans to the next level, Vogue revealed she’s already signed their bundle of joy up to some schools in Ireland.

Disagreeing with the decision, Spencer revealed: ‘At age 13, I’d like to get him into a British boarding school, but if worse comes to worse, he can go to Harrow!’

Following their debate, the couple went on to explore a potential school, where they were greeted by a fan who recognised Vogue.

The model appeared to take a swipe at Spencer’s previous stint on E4’s Made In Chelsea as she joked: ‘See, I make TV shows that people watch, not the s**** that he does!

Further into the episode, Irish beauty Vogue shared their inspiration behind holding a naming ceremony: ‘It’s a really nice way to get all our friends together. He’s achieved so much!

‘We deserve a party too. It’s his first big milestone. It’s official, he’s here, and we need everyone to know about it!’

Ensuring their signature touches were injected into the big event, the couple decided to personalise their invites with Theo’s hand prints.

Vogue shared: ‘It was Spencer’s idea to personalise the invites, he’s artistic!’

In true Spencer fashion, he quipped: ‘People know me for more high-octane stuff, I have this James Bond facade, I’m a more sensitive soul.’

Poking fun at the size of his wife’s hands, the TV personality joked: ‘I thought she was a circus juggler when I met her! Her hands are so big!’

The new mother chimed in: ‘Well, when I first met you, I thought you were a knob!’ agen poker online

Theodore was later treated to a pair of Gucci trainers from Spencer’s best pal Max, who they asked to be their child’s Godfather.

The couple went on to ask Vogue’s sister Amber whether she’d like to be Godmother during an intimate family dinner.

In an attempt to make her cry, Spencer penned a sweet poem for Amber, with Vogue complaining: ‘You’ve never written me and poem!’

Earlier on in the episode, Vogue and Spencer visited church venues for their humanist ceremony.

Revealing she doesn’t want to incorporate religion into the christening, the Jump star shared: ‘Churches are boring, so we decided to do a humanist ceremony.’

Displaying his vocal talent, Spencer belted out a religious song, before his partner joked: ‘You English people are mad for hymns!’

During their time in the church, Vogue admitted she’s not as knowledgeable on the spiritual front.

She revealed: ‘I used to think the Dalai Lama were a group of people… is Gandhi the Dalai Lama?’, which caused Spencer to shake his head in disappointment.

Vogue, who wed Spencer when she was six months pregnant, visited her bridal designer Paul Costelloe to design Theodore’s Christening gown.

‘I gave him five days to make my wedding dress, and with this, I’m only giving him a week! There was some material left over from my gown, so we’ve used that to make Theodore’s Christening gown’, she shared.